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TikTok Rating Drops to 1.3 on Google Play Store | Tiktok vs Youtube

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TikTok Rating Drops to 1.3 on Google Play Store
TikTok is in trouble in India again. The short video-sharing app which has over a 1.5 billion downloads and over 800 million active users is facing a backlash because of a face-off between a TikTok star and an Youtube influencer. The apps ratings have dropped from 4.9 on the Google Play Store earlier this year to 1.3 stars and continues to fall at the moment.
Users in India are giving the app a 1-star rating following a trend to #bantiktok on Twitter. On the Apple App Store it still has a respectable 4.8 rating at the moment.

This follows from an earlier Youtube vs TikTok battle where Youtube influencer CarryMinati posted a video roasting TikTok star Amar Siddiqui, which was later removed from YouTube.
With over 70 million views, the video was quick to become the most liked non-musical Indian YouTube video. While the roast was about TikTok Vs YouTube, it took jibes at the queer community. This didn’t go well with the queer community.
The video was widely reported by the community with many people calling out the queerphobic slurs used by Carryminati. On 14 May the video was taken down by YouTube as it went against its policy of bullying and harassment.
These incidents have led to users downrating the app on the Google Play Store and calling for its ban.
This isn't the first time TikTok is in trouble.
In April 2019, the Madras High Court ordered the Central government to ban downloading of the app, and the telecasting of videos made on the app. The court said that the app encourages pornography and puts children at risk, and to prevent this, issued a ban, which was later lifted.

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