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Linux GUI app Support on Windows | Windows 10 Update May 2020

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Available this month

Support for Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 (WSL 2) distros is coming this month in the Windows 10 May 2020 Update.

4 years ago, at Build 2016, Microsoft surprised the world by announcing Windows Subsystem for Linux – WSL (also known at the time as “Bash on Ubuntu on Windows”). WSL enables Windows users to run native, unmodified Linux command-line tools and apps directly in Windows, alongside all their favorite Windows apps and tools. WSL usage has grown enormously from initially just a few thousand people downloading the first preview build to more than 3.5 million monthly active devices today!

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However, we wanted WSL to do more – to run all Linux apps and tools, and to run apps and tools faster. At Build 2019, the WSL team unveiled the first preview of WSL 2, which utilizes new capabilities in Windows’ Hypervisor Platform to run distros and tools in containers, atop areal Linux kernel image that is built and delivered by Microsoft, hosted in a lightweight VM, which boots from cold in less than 2s! This means that WSL 2 delivers full system call compatibility with a real Linux kernel and is 3-6x faster compared to earlier versions of WSL. You can easily set the version of any WSL distro to be using WSL 2 with the command: wsl.exe --set-version <distroName> 2.

The response from the community has been huge and, frankly, positively overwhelming – sincerest thanks to everyone who ran WSL 2, filed issues, and asked for features, you’ve helped us make WSL2 even better than we hoped it could be!

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