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Facebook is today a billion-dollar organization. The man behind the web monster, 35-year-old Mark Zuckerberg has expected total assets of $77.8 billion, as per Forbes. In the event that you think this number is astounding, sit tight for its client base. Consistently, around 2.5 billion clients sign on to the internet-based life stage, prompting an income increment of 25 percent in the last three months of a year ago.


A Harvard graduate, Zuckerberg alongside a couple of his companions had thought of the thought for the person to person communication stage about 16 years back. What began as an instrument for college understudies to interface and speak with one another, is presently a worldwide wonder, in any event, moving an Academy Award-winning motion picture called The Social Network. 

Authoritatively, February 4 is perceived as the day Facebook was propelled. What's more, to commend the event, YourStory has arranged a rundown of 16 enjoyment realities on Facebook's sixteenth birthday celebration.

All you motion picture buffs will undoubtedly know this – before Facebook appeared, Zuckerberg had incepted Facemash, a fairly questionable stage that evaluated ladies on the grounds dependent on their hotness. 

David Fincher's 2010 movie, The Social Network drew a direct interface among Facemash and the early sources of Thefacebook.com or what is currently referred to just as Facebook (The' was in the end dropped). Yet, Zuckerberg has denied this case, saying that Facemash "really has nothing to do with Facebook.".


The last time we checked Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo held the title of the "most-enjoyed" page on Facebook; before him, it was Colombian vocalist Shakira. In spite of the fact that generally, Zuckerberg's group has been trying different things with covering up the "Like" include on its group of applications. Think about what, you can't square Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook.

Facebook's "Like" button was propelled in 2009, a component that saw further expansion in 2016 as response catches, including "love", "haha", "dismal", "goodness", and "furious". Since it's dispatch in 2004, the tech organization has made a large number of acquisitions, including the news-production manage WhatsApp (in 2014) and Instagram (in 2012).

 As of now, the organization has even revealed its marking on its group of applications. In 2018, Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg ended up in the eye of the tempest over information abuse. He was confronting slack from each corner over the disputable Cambridge Analytica embarrassment, which drove him to affirm before Congress. More than 600,000 endeavors are made to hack Facebook consistently. A bigger number of ladies than men are an aficionado of the internet based life stage, with almost 76 percent of Facebook's client base is female.

Can't monitor time when on Facebook? At that point, the organization's action tracker apparatus is perfect for you to monitor the time spent on the site. Political promotion has been a significant bane for the web organization. As of late, as a result of a "surge of bogus data permitted in its political promoting," top of the line frightfulness author Stephen King quit Facebook. Think about who else isn't there on Facebook? Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Apple Co-organizer Steve Wozniak.

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