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Steganography Explained|Hide Text Inside The Image| NAHID HASAN TECHNOLOGY

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What is Steganography
1. Associated with a data hiding technique for hiding an important message or secret data into digital media. The hidden data is not visible, and the image with the hidden data is called a stego-image. 

2. It is a technique to provide security to the secret information using the data hiding technique. In steganography, a cover media is selected to hide the information. Depending on the place of data hiding it is mainly divided into two categories: Spatial domain- if the information is embedded directly in the pixel values and Transform domain- if the information is embedded in the coefficient values which are calculated from the pixel values of the cover image.

3. Steganography is the art of concealed communication: the very existence of the message is a secret. Steganography is the study of techniques for hiding the existence of a secondary message in the presence of a primary message. 

4.The technique to hide the secret message into the cover object to realized the covert communication without being found by the third part, which can conceal the existence of the communication itself.

5.An art of hiding some sensitive information into the insensitive features of host media. 

6.The art of concealing the original data within another data that acts as the carrier. 

7. Steganography is a method to hide data in a cover media so that other persons will not notice that such data is there. 

8. This is an area where a signal (any kind of data) can be inserted into host signal (generally Image) to hide. Only the host signal is visible after the process.

9.The technology to realize secret communication by hiding secret information into such carrier as image, video, audio, text, computer program, and so forth. The carrier is public, while the existence of secret information is secret.

10.Covered writing; it is a study of concealing the existence of a message.

11. Watermarks may be for widespread use. But a modification for that is steganography, where the transmitting end communicates a secret message embedded in the digital signal to the receiver. The main objective is to add owner descriptive information or any other form of authenticating information to the signal concerned, such that is difficult to remove. Moreover, to covert communication between individuals, some hidden embedded information could be used as well. 

12.The hiding of a secret message within a cover data and the extraction of the secret message at its terminus. 

13.The art of hiding secret data inside other innocent media files.

14.The art and science of writing hidden messages in such a way that no one apart from the sender and the intended recipient even realizes that there is a hidden message. 

15. Steganography is a class of information hiding that deals with concealing very the existence of the hidden message. Learn more in: Critical Analysis of Digital Steganography16.The art and science of encoding hidden messages in such a way that no one, apart from the sender and intended recipient, suspects the existence of the message. It is a form of security through obscurity. Data Hiding Schemes Based on Singular Value Decomposition.

17. Techniques that allow secret communication, usually by embedding or hiding the secret information (called embedded data) in other, unsuspected data. Steganographic methods are based on the assumption that the existence of covert communication is unknown and they are mainly used in secret point-to-point communication between trusting parties. As a result, steganographic methods are usually not robust, that is the hidden information cannot be recovered after data manipulation.

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