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iPhone iOS 13 LockScreen Bypass Bug

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iOS 13 Coming Next Week With iPhone LockScreen Bypass Bug

Good news... next week, on Sept nineteen, Apple can roll out iOS thirteen, the most recent version of its mobile OS.

Yes, we're excited concerning, however here comes the unhealthy news...
iOS thirteen contains a vulnerability that would permit anyone to bypass the lockscreen protection on your iPhone and access some sensitive info.

Jose Rodriguez, a Spanish security investigator, contacted The Hacker News and unconcealed that he discovered a lockscreen bypass bug in iOS thirteen that allowed him to access the total list of Contacts on his iPhone—and each piece of knowledge saved on them.

Rodriguez told The Hacker News that he discovered the new lockscreen bypass bug on his iPhone running iOS thirteen beta version and according it to Apple on July seventeen.

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However, sadly, Apple didn't patch the bug even once being hep months past, and therefore the bypass continues to be performing on the Gold Master (GM) version of iOS thirteen, the ultimate version of the computer code that may be extended to everybody on Sept nineteen.

How will iOS 13 Lockscreen Bypass On iPhone Work?

The bug permits anyone with physical access to a target's iPhone to trick the smartphone into granting access to the total list of keep Contacts, moreover as careful info for every individual contact as well as their names, phone numbers, and emails—all victimization nothing however a FaceTime decision.

The latest iPhone lockscreen bypass hack is analogous to the one Rodriguez discovered last year in iOS twelve.1, simply some hours once Apple discharged iOS twelve.1, permitting anyone to bypass the lockscreen on a targeted iPhone victimization the intrinsic VoiceOver feature.

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To demonstrate the new iPhone hack, Rodriguez shared a video with The Hacker News, as shown below, demonstrating however the hack works and comparatively however straightforward it's to perform by any non-techie user.

The bug involves activating a FaceTime appeal a target's iPhone then accessing Siri's voiceover support feature to get access to the contact list—and each info saved on them.

However, a lot of possible, Apple can patch this issue within the iOS thirteen.1 release, that is anticipated to arrive for the general public on Sept thirty. thus all users ought to patch their iPhones by the top of the month.

Until then iPhone users area unit suggested to not leave their phone unattended, a minimum of publically and workplaces.

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