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How to Search for Vulnerable Devices Around the World with Shodan

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How to Find Vulnerable Devices Online with Shodan

shodan: The official Python library and CLI for Shodan

Shodan is a search engine for Internet-connected devices. Google lets you search for websites, Shodan lets you search for devices. This library provides developers easy access to all of the data stored in Shodan in order to automate tasks and integrate into existing tools.



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Quick Start

from shodan import Shodan

api = Shodan('MY API KEY')

# Lookup an IP
ipinfo = api.host('')

# Search for websites that have been "hacked"
for banner in api.search_cursor('http.title:"hacked by"'):

# Get the total number of industrial control systems services on the Internet
ics_services = api.count('tag:ics')
print('Industrial Control Systems: {}'.format(ics_services['total']))
Grab your API key from https://account.shodan.io


To install the Shodan library, simply:
$ pip install shodan
Or if you don't have pip installed (which you should seriously install):
$ easy_install shodan


Documentation is available at https://shodan.readthedocs.org/ and https://help.shodan.io

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