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Microsoft Azure Security Lab Sandbox Bounty $40000

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Microsoft Azure Security Lab Sandbox Bounty $40000

At the continuing Black Hat USA 2019 conference, Microsoft declared the Azure Security laboratory ‚ sandbox-like surroundings for security researchers to check Azure security while not golf stroke the company’s customers in danger.
The new Azure Cloud host testing surroundings can permit security researchers to check attacks on infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) eventualities while not poignant users.
With isolated hosts, analyzers can have a lot of flexibility to research. they'll not solely analysis vulnerabilities in Azure, however, they additionally plan to exploit them.
Microsoft is tempting researchers to come back forward and “do their worst” (read best) to emulate criminal hackers in a very customer-safe cloud surroundings — the Azure Security laboratory.


Microsoft Azure Bug Bounty Rewards Doubled

Microsoft has additionally doubled its prime bug bounty to $40,000 for those that notice Azure vulnerabilities. Earlier, the reward for sniffing out flaws in Azure DevOps was $20,000.
Azure DevOps may be a cloud service that was launched back in 2018 to facilitate collaboration on code development across the whole development lifecycle.
So far, Microsoft has issued $4.4 million greenbacks in bounty rewards within the last twelve months across varied programs.

If you ever wondered whether researching for bounty might be worth it, consider this: we paid 4.4 million in bounties over the past 12 months, with a top award of $200,000. You could use the Azure Security Lab to top that in the next 12. https://msrc-blog.microsoft.com/2019/08/05/azure-security-lab-a-new-space-for-azure-research-and-collaboration/ 

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Their square measure of new scenario-based challenges within the Azure Security laboratory with extra bounty awards of up to $300,000. Throughout the year, over $2 million of situation bounty rewards are going to be issued to Azure Security laboratory participants.

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