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How To Control Your Android Phone on Any Windows PC 2019

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How To Control Your Android Phone on Any Windows PC 

Windows 10’s new mechanical man screen-mirroring feature solely works with a few of phones and PCs. Here’s however you'll mirror nearly any mechanical man phone’s screen to your Windows laptop, Mac, or UNIX system—and management it along with your mouse and keyboard.

The Options: scrcpy, AirMirror, and Vysor

We suggest scrcpy for this. It’s a free, ASCII text file answer for mirroring and dominant your mechanical man screen on your desktop. There’s only 1 catch compared to the Windows feature: you've got to attach your phone to your laptop with a USB cable to mirror it. It’s created by the developers behind Genymotion, associate mechanical man aper.
If you’re all a few wireless association, we have a tendency to suggest AirDroid’s AirMirror instead. There’s a catch here too, though: If your phone isn’t nonmoving , you’ll have to be compelled to jump through some hoops with a USB cable. You’ll have to be compelled to repeat this method anytime you resuscitate your phone, too.
There’s additionally Vysor, that could be a bit a lot of user-friendly—but wireless access and high-quality mirroring would require payment.
We’ve additionally highlighted mistreatment Miracast to wirelessly stream associate mechanical man device’s show to a Windows laptop within the past. However, Miracast support isn't any longer widespread on new mechanical man devices, and Miracast solely permits viewing—not remotely dominant.

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How to Mirror Your Screen With Phone’s Screen scrcpy

You can transfer scrcpy from GitHub. For Windows PCs, scroll right down to the Windows transfer link and transfer either the scrcpy-win64 link for 64-bit versions of Windows or the scrcpy-win32 app for 32-bit versions of Windows.
Extract the contents of the archive to a folder on your laptop. To run scrcpy, you’ll simply have to be compelled to double-click the scrcpy.exe file. But, if you run it while not associate mechanical man phone connected to your laptop, you’ll simply get miscalculation message. (This file can seem as “scrcpy” if you've got file extensions hidden.)

Now, prepare your mechanical man phone. You’ll have to be compelled to access developer choices and modify USB debugging mode before connecting it to your laptop with a USB cable. In summary, you’ll head to Settings > concerning Phone, faucet “Build Number” seven times, and so head to Settings > Developer choices and modify “USB Debugging.”
When you’ve done therefore, connect your mechanical man phone to your laptop.

Double-click the scrcpy.exe file to run it. You’ll see associate “Allow USB debugging?” confirmation on your phone first—you’ll have to be compelled to comply with the message on your phone to permit it.
After you've got, everything ought to work unremarkably. Your mechanical man phone’s screen can seem in an exceedingly window on your desktop. Use your mouse and keyboard to manage it.
When you’re done, simply undo the USB cable. to start out mirroring once more within the future, simply connect your phone to your laptop with a USB cable and run the scrcpy.exe file all over again.

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