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Foxit PDF Software Company Suffers Data Breach—Asks Users to Reset Password

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Foxit PDF Software Company Suffers Data Breach—Asks Users to Reset Password

If you've got a web account with Foxit computer code, you would like to reset your account word immediately—as associate unknown aggressor has compromised your personal knowledge and log-in credentials.
Foxit computer code, a corporation familiar for its fashionable light-weight Foxit PDF Reader and PhantomPDF applications getting used by over 525 million users, these days declared a knowledge} breach exposing the private information of 'My Account' service users.

Though for victimization free versions of associate Foxit PDF computer code does not need users to register with an account, the membership is obligatory for purchasers WHO wish to access "software trial downloads, order histories, product registration info, and troubleshooting and support info."


According to a diary post revealed these days by Foxit, unknown third-parties gained unauthorized access to its knowledge systems recently and accessed its "My Account" registered users' knowledge, together with their email addresses, passwords, users' names, phone numbers, company names, and science addresses.
From the company's statement, it isn't clear, if the leaked account passwords area unit protected with a sturdy hashing formula and seasoning mechanism to create it powerful for hackers to crack them.

However, the corporate assured its users that no payment card details or different personal identification knowledge of its My Account users had been accessed since the compromised system does not hold this knowledge.

Reset Your 'My Account' word Now!

In response to the current security incident, Foxit has at once nullified the account passwords for all affected users, requiring them to reset their passwords to regain access to their on-line account on the Foxit computer code web site.


The company has conjointly launched a digital forensics investigation in addition as notified enforcement agencies and knowledge protection authorities of the incident.

Besides this, Foxit computer code has conjointly employed a security management firm to conduct associate in-depth analysis of its systems and strengthen their security so as to safeguard the corporate against future cybersecurity incidents.

Following the word reset, the corporate has conjointly contacted affected users via email (as shown higher than within the screenshot shared by a user), providing them with a link to form a replacement, sturdy and distinctive word for his or her accounts to forestall any unauthorized access.

Foxit users have conjointly been counseled to stay open-eyed by being cautious of any suspicious emails asking them to click on the links or transfer attachments, and reviewing their account statements and watching their credit reports to avoid fraud.

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