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Binance KYC Data Leak — Crypto Exchange Sets $290,000 Bounty On Blackmailer

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Binance KYC Data Leak — Crypto Exchange Sets $290,000 Bounty On Blackmailer

Malta-based cryptocurrency exchange Binance has become a victim of a ransom demand from a grifter World Health Organization claimed to possess hacked the KYC (Know Your Customer) information of thousands of its customers.
The unknown offender vulnerable the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange by volume to unharness KYC info of ten,000 users if the corporate failed to pay three hundred Bitcoins—that's similar to virtually $3.5 million at today's exchange price.
Although the believability of the hack isn't confirmed nevertheless, many photos of people holding their identity cards, like passports and elector IDs, are current across totally different on-line channels.

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In response to the incident, Binance simply discharged an officer statement these days confirming that "an unidentified individual has vulnerable and pestered US, exigent three hundred BTC in exchange for withholding ten,000 photos that bear similarity to Binance KYC information."
Binance aforesaid the corporate remains investigation the legitimacy of these pictures and has refused to pay the ransom and, as a result, the unidentified individual behind the demand began distributing the information on-line and to media retailers.

It sounds like the offender has created a message cluster, that has already attracted over ten,000 people, and shared quite four hundred pictures of individuals holding passports and identity documents from France, Turkey, the u. s., Japan, Russia, and alternative nations round the world.
However, in keeping with Binance, pictures announce to the attacker's message cluster lacks the digital watermark the exchange uses for its internal info, adding doubts concerning its believability.
Binance additionally adds that its initial review of the leaked pictures shows they are all perceived to be dated from Feb of 2018 once the exchange "contracted a third-party marketer for KYC verification so as to handle the high volume of requests at that point."
"Currently, we have a tendency to area unit investigation with the third-party marketer for additional info. we have a tendency to area unit continued to research and can keep you privy," the corporate adds.
"The relevant enforcement agencies are contacted, and that we are operating closely with them to pursue this person."
Additionally, the exchange is additionally providing an award of twenty five bitcoins—worth over $290,000—to anyone World Health Organization provides info associated with the identity of the criminal.
Binance business CEO Changpeng Zhao has additionally issued a press release on Twitter urging users to not fall for the "KYC leak" FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt), locution that the corporate is presently wanting into the matter and can update its users shortly.

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