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RedGhost - Linux Post Exploitation Framework

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RedGhost - Linux Post Exploitation Framework Designed To Gain Persistence And Reconnaissance And Leave No Trace

RedGhost - Linux Post Exploitation Framework
  • Payloads
Function to generate various encoded reverse shells in netcat, bash, python, php, ruby, perl
  • SudoInject
Function to inject sudo command with wrapper function to run a reverse root shell everytime "sudo" is run for privilege escalation

  • lsInject
Function to inject the "ls" command with a wrapper function to run payload everytime "ls" is run for persistence

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  • Crontab
Function to create cron job that downloads payload from remote server and runs payload every minute for persistence
  • GetRoot
Function to try various methods to escalate privileges
  • Clearlogs
Function to clear logs and make investigation with forensics difficult
  • MassInfoGrab
Function to grab mass reconaissance/information on system
  • CheckVM
Function to check if the system is a virtual machine
  • MemoryExec
Function to execute remote bash script in memory
  • BanIp
Function to BanIp using iptables


Install RedGhost in one line code:

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/d4rk007/RedGhost/master/redghost.sh; chmod +x redghost.sh; ./redghost.sh
One line code to Install prerequisites and RedGhost :

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/d4rk007/RedGhost/master/redghost.sh; chmod +x redghost.sh; apt-get install dialog; apt-g

Download link
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