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Ethical Hacking - Wireless Hacking

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                                 -:Wireless Hacking :-

A wireless network could be a set of 2 or additional devices connected with one another via radio waves inside a restricted area vary. The devices during a wireless network have the liberty to be in motion, however be in reference to the network and share knowledge with different devices within the network. one amongst the foremost crucial purpose that they're thus unfold is that their installation value is incredibly low-cost and quick than the wire networks.
Wireless networks ar wide used and it's quite straightforward to line them up. They use IEEE 802.11 standards. A wireless router is that the most vital device during a wireless network that connects the users with the net.


In a wireless network, we've Access purposes that ar extensions of wireless ranges that behave as logical switches.


Although wireless networks provide nice flexibility, they need their security issues. A hacker will sniff the network packets while not having to be within the same building wherever the network is found. As wireless networks communicate through radio waves, a hacker will simply sniff the network from a close-by location.
Most attackers use network sniffing to search out the SSID and hack a wireless network. once our wireless cards ar reborn in sniffing modes, they're known as monitor mode.


Kismet could be a powerful tool for wireless sniffing that's found in Kali distribution. It also can be downloaded from its official webpage − https://www.kismetwireless.net/index.shtml
Let’s see however it works. 1st of all, open a terminal and kind fate. begin the fate Server and click on affirmative, as shown within the following screenshot.


As shown here, click the beginning button.
Start Button
Now, fate can begin to capture knowledge. the subsequent screenshot shows however it might seem −



NetStumbler is another tool for wireless hacking that's primarily meant for Windows systems. It is downloaded from http://www.stumbler.net/
It is quite straightforward to use NetStumbler on your system. you only ought to click the Scanning button and look forward to the result, as shown within the following screenshot.


It ought to show a screenshot as follows −


It is vital to notice that your card ought to support observation mode, otherwise you'll fail to watch.
Wired Equivalent Privacy
Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) could be a security protocol that was fancied to secure wireless networks and keep them non-public. It utilizes secret writing at the info link layer that forbids unauthorized access to the network.
The key's accustomed encode the packets before transmission begins. Associate in Nursing integrity check mechanism checks that the packets aren't altered once transmission.
Note that WEP isn't entirely resistant to security issues. It suffers from the subsequent problems −
CRC32 isn't decent to confirm complete cryptologic integrity of a packet.
It is susceptible to lexicon attacks.
WEP is susceptible to Denial of Services attacks too.


WEPcrack could be a fashionable tool to crack WEP passwords. It is downloaded from − https://sourceforge.net/projects/wepcrack/


Aircrak-ng is another fashionable tool for cracking WEP passwords. It is found within the Kali distribution of UNIX operating system.
The following screenshot shows however we've sniffed a wireless network and picked up packets and created a file RHAWEP-01.cap. Then we have a tendency to run it with aircrack-ng to decode the cypher.


Wireless DoS Attacks

In a wireless setting, Associate in Nursing offender will attack a network from a distance and so, it's typically tough to gather evidences against the offender.
The first sort of DoS is Physical Attack. this sort of attack is incredibly basic and it's within the base of radio interferences which might be created even from conductor phones that operate in a pair of.4 rate vary.
Another kind is Network DoS Attack. because the Wireless Access purpose creates a shared medium, it offers the likelihood to flood the traffic of this medium toward the AP which is able to create its process additional slow toward the shoppers that decide to connect. Such attacks is created simply by a ping flood DoS attack.
Pyloris could be a fashionable DoS tool that you just will transfer from − https://sourceforge.net/projects/pyloris/
Low Orbit particle Cannon (LOIC) is another fashionable tool for DoS attacks.




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