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Set Your Photo On USB Pendrive | Cool Trick For Computer User [BANGLA]

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How to set your image on USB Pendrive? – In today’s world, Pendrive is the best medium to carry our outsource data. But sometimes, it becomes very difficult to find your USB Pendrive when your friends also have a similar one. Most of the times it gets exchanged with a similar one.
So, today I am here to give you a trick by which you will be able to “set your image on your USB drive”. On following this trick, you are going to find your image on your USB pendrive icon. Now, no more mess in picking your USB pendrive.

Before proceeding, you must have these three things-

Your image, which you want to set as an icon.
A USB pendrive.
A Laptop or a desktop PC.
So, let’s start-
Step 1:
Create a New folder (with any name) on your desktop and put the image inside it.
Step 2:
Now, Right Click on image and Open With - Paint.
Step 3:
Select and Crop the image in square shape.
Step 4:
After cropping, go to File - Save As. Select the folder which you have created on the desktop. Put any name of your choice in File Name. In Save as Type choose 24-bit Bitmap (*.bmp;*.dib) from drop-down menu and click Save.
Now, open the folder which you have created on the desktop. You will find two images in it. Delete the old image.
Step 5:
Now Open Notepad and type the following text.
Step 6:
Now go to File - Save As and select the same folder which you have created on the desktop. In File Name, type autorun.inf and in Save as File Type, choose All Files. Click Save.
Step 7:
Now, insert your USB Pendrive. Copy those two newly created files and paste it in the root directory of your USB Pendrive. Don’t paste it inside any folder in pendrive. Paste it outside of the folder, if you have any.
Step 8:
Right Click - Refresh inside your USB pendrive.
Step 9:
Remove your pendrive from your PC.

Step 10:
Now, re-insert your USB pendrive and open My Computer or This PC. Woooo!! Cheers!! Now you can see your image on the USB Pendrive icon. Enjoy.

Thank you
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